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Slip Technologies will design and install an electric fence best suited for your sites unique requirements.

Popular Electric fence brands we use are Nemtek, Gallagher, MEPS

and Hammer energizers

We provide an Electric Fence Certificate of Compliance (COC) on completion.

We maintain and service electric fencing Monthly or quarterly Service Level Agreements (SLA).

Rent to assist with your cashflow or purchase outright with an (SLA).

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Domestic, Complex or Business premises wall top electric fencing

Electric fencing installed above your ClearVu gate or ClearVu fence.

The Wirewall fencing system makes use of proprietory electric fence brackets to fit seamlessly with your Wirewall fence.

Electric Fencing installed on your gate. Industrial or domestic gate and electric fence applications

Free standing electric fencing or Piggy Back to palisade fence. Industrial electric fence applications require an SLA to work optimally all year round. Our electric fences are alarm monitored.

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