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Impro offers a diverse array of access control readers, to meet a variety of installation requirements.Most readers are available as multi-discipline versions, ensuring that legacy 125kHz proximity tags and the new 13.56MHz ranges are able to be read.

You can also choose between fingerprint biometric readers, keypads and non-keypad variants.

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Centurion systems

Vehicle access

Centurion Systems manufactures a diverse and award-winning range of products to control the access of people and vehicles into and out of residential, commercial and industrial properties. Leaders in gate automation and access control since 1986.



Physical Access control systems

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10 Year Guarantee. ISO 9001 Certified

Intergrate using Biometrics, RFID and Proximity

Below are access control technologies and solutions we install and support using our industry leader brands, however our skills and solutions are not restricted to these brands.

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Covid 19 Access control solutions: Face recognition access control scanners installed at doors, turnstiles etc. Thermal-image camera reads temperature from a distance.

Application: Retail, staff scanning, school, university, restuarants, high foot traffic etc

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covid-19 access control

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Proactive Facial Recognition Visible Light Recognition is a proactive facial recognition device, users no longer need to stand steadily in front of camera. When users pass through the speci­c area, they are possibly recognized automatically. Opening doors without standing in front of the camera With the newest visible light recognition technology, if users would like to get access to the authorized area, they are no longer required to get close to the terminal and stop by for recognition, as the system is able to automatically recognize and track faces in video.

Access control

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