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SLIP technologies

Your premier security system integrator

    Slip Technologies designs and manufactures security gates and driveway gates for both industrial and domestic applications.

    With over 20 years manufacturing security gates and driveway gates we have a large catalogue of domestic gates and industrial gates to choose from.  A few of our gate styles are provided here. If you have a specific style that is not here we can still manufacture your favourite gate. We have extensive experience in gate design and gate automation with all the related accessories and intercoms.

    Frequently asked questions:

    Is it necessary to wait a year before painting on a galvanised gate? No. We treat the gate when it comes from galvanising with a galvanising etch primer. This washes off any non stick substrate that may be present from the galvanising. The galvanising etch primer also acts as a bonding agent for the paint.

    Does the paint peel off after a while? Not if prepared correctly with the galvanising etch primer and then painted with a good quality outdoor paint.  Take a look at our gate gallery to judge the quality of our paint work. How many cars have you seen with paint peeling off?

    How do you prevent someone from taking the gate off the rails? All our gates come standard with two anti-lift off brackets. One on either side of the gate. Have a look at the gallery below to view the anti-lift off brackets.

    How do you prevent the gate rail from working loose from the driveway base? With continuous driving over the gate rail this can  happen especially in high traffic applications such as a gated residential estate. We weld anchors to the underside of the gate rail which is cast into the concrete base on which the rail lies.

    Since 1997